Hasan-i-Sabah was born in Persia in 1055 to a Shia Muslim family.  As he grew older, he studied the Ismaili sect of Shiism and soon embraced it enthusiastically.  He traveled throughout Persia,… Read More

Irene, Another Byzantine Femme Fatale

I’m not sure what it is about Byzantine women, but they have a certain proclivity for manipulation and skullduggery.  Recall Theophano from my last blog.  And before both Theophano and Irene was… Read More

The Fascinating Theophano

The story of Theophano is one that typifies Imperial Byzantine politics.  She was born a commoner but soon became Empress Theophano.  Her boys would follow her as emperors.  One of them, Basil… Read More

The Grand Empire No One Knows

People frequently ask me why I wrote Emperor’s Eyes. The Byzantine Empire is one of the greatest empires the world has known. It lasted for over a thousand years (from around 395… Read More

Welcome to My New Blog!

Welcome. My name is George Vasil, author of The Lance. I’m so happy to have you as a visitor to my blog about my new book. This project is very special to… Read More